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Gap analysis

This gap analysis for MCS certification will help you identify what your business is already doing and what it needs to be doing in order to gain MCS certification. It should not be considered a definitive list and should be used as a guide for conducting your own research.


MCS Certification checklist

This checklist has been created by MCS so you can mark your progress to gaining MCS certification. It should be used as a guide alongside your own work, and guidance from your certification body.


Renewables Installer Finder

If you are a MCS certified installer, you can access Home Energy Scotland Grant and/or Loan work streams for renewables systems and register for free on the Renewables Installer Finder. This tool is an easy way to promote your company for free and reach new customers.

Quality Management System template

This quality management system (QMS) template can be used as a guide for what your company should have in place for an operational QMS. It should be considered a guide and used alongside your own quality management processes.



  • This fully equipped classroom travels to rural and remote areas of Scotland to deliver BPEC certified heat pump training. It can provide additional support for colleges and be an upskilling resource for industry.

    The centre is currently only available in Scotland.


  • There are resources available to help you with bidding for public sector tenders in Scotland including the Supplier Development Programme (SDP) and the Supplier Journey.

    SDP is a partnership of local authorities designed to help businesses with little or no experience in tendering. They deliver this support through a programme of free training and events.

    The Supplier Journey is a Scottish Government website which provides guidance on how to bid for public sector contracts using a step-by-step format.

    We have also produced short webinars that cover guidance on the procurement process in Scotland. These are designed to help you by providing more in-depth explanations, as well as examples of how to navigate your way through various aspects of the procurement journey.

    There are a total of 16 webinars from which you can pick and choose the relevant topic you want to learn about. You can watch the webinars via the bid better for public sector tenders playlist.

  • Many businesses have already taken steps to diversifying their services and offering heat pump installations as a service. These steps include applying for MCS certification and upskilling existing employees. Read below to see how they did it:

    Precise Installs: adapting to growing heat pump installation demand

    Acer Mechanical Services Ltd: MCS heat pump certification

    Blair Plumbing & Heating Solutions Ltd : Upskilling staff and diversifying services

  • If you are interested in becoming a heat pump installer in Scotland, there are colleges offering courses to upskill heating engineers on heat pumps. To find out where you can upskill and the Scottish Government’s suggested career path for installing heat pumps, read the Green Heat Installer Engagement Programme’s how to become a heat pump installer guide.

  • The Green Homes Network is a database of case studies from the installation of renewable and energy efficiency measures in Scotland. It provides examples of how heat pumps and other renewables can improve the efficiency of our homes and reduce energy bills.

    The Green Network for Businesses is a similar tool for projects installing energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy in businesses.