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Meeting the increasing demand

The Scottish Government is committed to bringing forward a legislative framework to drive zero emissions heating and energy efficiency deployment. The Scottish Government will consult on a Heat in Buildings Bill during the coming year, which sets out proposals for regulating zero emissions heat and energy efficiency across Scotland’s homes and buildings from 2025. 

This will include phasing out the need to install new or replacement fossil fuel boilers by 2045 and require improvements in the energy efficiency of Scotland’s building stock. 

This means that in the future, many property owners will be required by law to change the way they heat their buildings and improve energy efficiency. It is estimated that low and zero carbon heating systems such as heat pumps, will need to increase from 3,000 installs a year to around 124,000 systems installed between 2021 by 2026 and this will lead to significant job growth in the heat sector.


Man installing a heat pump.

Heat pumps will be a major growth area for heating installers to tap into, and at the moment MCS heat pump installers are struggling to meet current demand.

Plumbing and heating engineers already possess the fundamental knowledge required to install heat pumps, but  might need to upskill and get certified to make the most of this market opportunity.