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The Scottish Government has suggested one of the following career paths for heat pump installers:

  • SVQ 3 domestic plumbing and heating at SCQF Level 7
  • SVQ 3/SCQF 6 install, commission and maintain refrigeration systems
  • SVQ 3/SCQF 6 install, commission and maintain air conditioning systems
  • SVQ 3/SCQF 7 service, maintain and commission building engineering services
  • SVQ 3/SCQF 6 heating and ventilating: industrial and commercial installations

In addition, you will need the following mandatory qualifications:

  • NOS mapped – install and commission fuel systems: emergent technologies
  • water byelaws/regulations
  • domestic vented and unvented hot water storage

And an extra qualification if working on pre-1919 buildings:

  • SQA level 3 award in energy efficiency measures for older and traditional buildings

You can find more information on the Installer skills matrix