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If the property is a new build, the heat pump design may be able to be completed from plans. The owner or architect will be able to provide you with scaled plans and U-values of the building. From this information, you can use heat loss software to do a full room by room heat loss calculation. The heat pump may have already been designed for the property. 

If it’s an existing property and the heat pump is to be retrofitted, then a site survey will be required.   

Information to gather: 

Existing heating system

  • pipe sizes
  • pipe routes
  • existing radiator types
  • position of the hot water tank

Building fabric – U-values and insulation levels

  • walls
  • floor
  • roof
  • windows

Photos (these will be helpful to look at later)

  • existing boiler
  • cylinder
  • electric supply – fuse board and main incoming fuse
  • existing heating system – radiators, underfloor heating manifold
  • example of pipework – at the boiler and at the radiators
  • external wall material
  • insulation in loft and underfloor
  • types of windows and doors

Floor layouts and room dimensions – owners may already have floor plans included in their Home Report (from property sales or existing building work). 

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) – this may be provided by the homeowner; it will be included in the Home Report (for the property sale). 

If the owner has already received support from Home Energy Scotland, they will have a Home Energy Report which will provide some useful information for a basic design and provide an initial cost prior to completing a full survey and quotation.