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What is the average installation cost?

The value of an installation depends on the size and characteristics of the property and the type of insulation required. However, typical costs for a semi-detached house are as follows:

Loft insulation £1,300
Cavity wall insulation£1,925
External wall insulation£7,000 - £15,000

Is the work disruptive?

Some work takes place inside the home, so is best undertaken when nobody is home. Simpler measures such as loft or cavity wall insulation can be undertaken while the home is occupied.

How long does the work take?

The installation of insulation typically takes between half a day for simple measures, such as loft insulation and cavity wall insulation, and up to a week for more complex measures, such as internal wall insulation and external wall insulation.

What are the maintenance requirements?

Some measures, such as cavity wall insulation which is located within the wall, require no maintenance. Others, such as external wall insulation, will have maintenance, modification, and repair requirements.

How long does it last?

Some fabric insulation measures should last the lifetime of the building. Others may have a design life, although this would typically be at least 20 years. The design life of a building is the period of use as intended by the designer after which it may need to be replaced. Before this period has elapsed, it should remain fit for purpose.

What is the level of public awareness of insulation?

Unlike more complex technologies, insulation measures are well understood and accepted by customers. This is largely the result of successive insulation programmes, starting with local authority loft insulation grants in the 1970s.