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In addition to meeting the relevant standards of installing retrofit insulation, there are several other considerations:

  • The Scottish Building Standards handbook outlines the required performance for retrofit insulation work, including factors like U-values, ventilation, moisture resistance and fire safety.

  • Prior to commencing work, a building warrant may be required for installing room-in-roof insulation, external wall insulation, or for work in a flat.

  • If the proposed work does not meet the requirements for permitted developments, then a planning application may need to be submitted.

  • If a building is listed as being of architectural or historic interest, then consent may be required for anything other than like-for-like repairs.

  • Rules apply to buildings located in conservation areas or world heritage sites whether they are listed or not.

  • Legal requirements may apply where work is undertaken to a common boundary wall, for example installing party wall insulation.

  • Legal requirements may also apply where protected species are present on site, for example, bats.