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In order to become TrustMark registered, a business must submit an application and be assessed and licensed by a TrustMark Scheme Provider. Businesses applying for registration then receive an initial audit by their scheme provider to ensure they comply with the TrustMark Framework Operating Requirements, Code of Conduct, Customer Charter, and other relevant conditions established by the scheme provider.

Registration is carried out as quickly as possible. However, if improvements are needed, the scheme provider may provide additional support.

TrustMark licences and audits over 87 scheme providers who are responsible for the conduct of their members. A list of scheme providers who can provide further guidance on applying for TrustMark registration is available on the TrustMark Scheme Providers website.

If additional requirements such as PAS 2030 certification are required, some scheme providers also offer certification. This link to certification bodies can provide further guidance on achieving PAS 2030 Certification.

PAS 2030 certification requires that the certification body carries out a head office audit of the business and observes onsite work of the relevant PAS2030 measures, to evidence both competence and compliance.

The head office audit will check evidence of:

  • A documented quality management system
  • A continual improvement procedure
  • Health and safety policy statement and risk assessments (where required)
  • Technical and financial resources including insurance
  • Details of withdrawn or terminated certifications
  • Employee and sub-contractor competence and training records
  • Evidence of continued professional development
  • Contract template
  • Property assessment records
  • Management of sub-contractors
  • Complaint handling procedure
  • Handover and homeowner packs
  • Guarantee records
  • Customer care
  • Building regulations compliance
  • Equipment registers with details of maintenance and calibration schedules.


Although PAS 2030 certification involves different business checks and assessments to TrustMark registration, to streamline the process some scheme providers aim to integrate the TrustMark and PAS 2030 assessment and audit processes.

Process flow diagram showing the 12 working day process

Once successfully registered, your business will receive annual audits and site checks by your TrustMark scheme provider to ensure continued compliance. TrustMark also audit work lodged on the data warehouse.